About Diesel Radiator Co.

Leader in cooling system applications

Diesel Radiator has built an excellent reputation on our engineering expertise, the quality of our products, our attention to the customer, and short lead-times. We get the right product to you quickly.



From Diesel Radiator Company’s inception in 1970, we have provided our customers with high-quality products, superior engineering, and excellent customer service. Diesel Radiator was founded by Humberto “Bert” Suarez, with an initial focus of remanufacturing radiators for the railway and heavy equipment industries. With his experience working in the rail industry, he developed techniques to increase the robustness over current designs in the marketplace.

In 1987, he expanded Diesel Radiator to manufacturing radiator cores for a wide range of applications. Next, capabilities for manufacturing complete cooling packages were added, which rolled out in 1989. Aluminum CAC manufacturing began in 1997, and tubing and installation kit manufacturing came in 2009. In the past year, DRC has doubled their tube manufacturing capability.

Another development has been HTW™ proprietary web based sizing software. With all new wind tunnel testing completed in 2013, this new tool offers more precise calculations than ever, and a new user friendly interface. Plus, this technology can be shared with customers, so they can see firsthand how changes to the design or environment will affect the cooling performance.


New tools like this make our performance guarantee possible. Our performance guarantee is simple: The prototype radiator will cool, or we will make it right. If performance is less than expected, then we can analyze the test data, normalize our computer model to the test data, and determine what adjustments are needed. We will work with you to make those adjustments quickly, as we stand behind our products.

Our facilities include 70,000 feet of manufacturing space, with more than 120 employees dedicated to providing the best cooling packages possible. Give us a call to see what we can do for you today.