Coatings Information


Carbon Steel Sheet

A‐36 CR and HRPO sheet steel is the typical base material used in frame fabrication. The properties of this material allow for effective adhesion of the various protective coatings offered by Diesel Radiator Company.

Stainless Steel Sheet

304L 2B stainless steel sheet material is routinely fabricated at Diesel Radiator Company. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance properties are ideal for applications ranging from mass transit to energy/oil & gas.

Aluminum Sheet

3003 Alloy is used in the fabrication of CAC components and has excellent fabrication and corrosion resistance properties.

Aluminized Tubing

Aluminized Type 1 tubing is mandrel‐bent and can be customized to accommodate difficult space‐constraints. A CNC roamer allows for accurate inspection and reverse engineering capabilities. Lot pressure testing to 15psi is a standard practice for all fabricated tubing.

Stainless Steel Tubing

409 Stainless Steel mandrel‐bent tubing is available for applications requiring corrosion resistance and characteristics exhibited by this material.


Wet Spray Paint

Diesel Radiator Company has wet‐spray painting capabilities in multiple locations. All surfaces are chemically etched, primed, painted and inspected to ensure proper adhesion and high‐quality aesthetic value.

Powder Coating

Thermoset polyester powder coating is an available coating option offered by Diesel Radiator Company. The base material is 100% virgin, ensuring the coating is highquality and aesthetically superior versus re‐claim powder processing.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are rated to 1200F and are ideal for higher‐temp applications.

Ceramic Clear Coating

Ceramic clear coatings offer high solvent resistance. The gloss enhances the base coating aesthetics as well.

Stainless Steel Powder Coating

The base powder in this coating contains 316L stainless steel flakes. The corrosion resistance and longevity of the coating are considerably greater than standard powder coating.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot‐dip galvanizing incorporates a zinc bath process to provide superior corrosion resistance. Galvanizing is used in applications where environmental exposure is constant and potentially extreme.

Coatings & Fabrication/Core

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy‐ester coating considerably improves corrosion resistance and is typically used in conjunction with hot‐dip galvanized steel assemblies. Epoxy coating capabilities exist in all Diesel Radiator Company locations.

Solder/Tin Plating

Solder/Tin plating is an available option for copper fin material. After plating, the copper coil is processed to standard core fabrication/manufacturing procedures.

Heresite Coating

P‐413C phenolic thermosetting resinous coating is available in applications requiring this coating specification.

Technical specifications/additional information available upon request.